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Alabama Drug Abuse Statistics
People in Alabama were seeking addiction treatment in 2022

Substance abuse is a pressing public health issue that affects individuals and communities across Alabama. In 2021, NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) reported that more than 10% of Alabama residents were diagnosed with substance use disorder, but fewer than 10% of these engaged with any form of treatment. 

To tackle this challenge, a confidential substance abuse hotline is one option suitable for anyone unsure how to initiate recovery from addiction. This resource is not intended to replace treatment but rather serves as a crucial connection for those grappling with addiction, linking them to the appropriate resources and therapy. Its primary objective is to offer guidance and support to those in search of assistance but uncertain how to proceed.

Alabama Drug Abuse Statistics
0 People in Alabama
were seeking addiction treatment in 2022
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Substance Abuse Hotline for Alabama

If you or someone that you love is struggling with substance abuse and seeking help, reaching out to an Alabama substance abuse hotline can be a crucial first step toward accessing treatment. 

The Alabama Addiction Hotline offers 24/7 support and information to individuals in need of assistance with issues related to alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication abuse. When you call the hotline, you can speak with trained professionals who can provide guidance, support, answers to your questions, and valuable insights about all aspects of addiction and recovery. 

All calls are treated with complete confidentiality. The hotline can provide referrals to drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, peer support groups like NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), as well as healthcare providers who specialize in addiction treatment

Hotlines for
Addiction in: Alabama

Recovery from addiction is a challenging journey, and individuals seeking assistance in Alabama can benefit from state government resources that offer specialized support and guidance. The state of Alabama provides a range of addiction recovery helplines, each designed to cater to specific needs and stages of recovery. These helplines are backed by state authorities, ensuring access to reliable and regulated assistance.

Addiction Hotline

Our free and confidential hotline is run by recovery specialists who are now in recovery themselves. They understand what it’s like to need help, find the right treatment, and achieve long-term sobriety.  You can call this line now at (855) 701-0479.

Alabama Department of Mental Health Helpline

ADMH (Alabama Department of Mental Health) offers a helpline that provides information, resources, and referrals for individuals seeking addiction treatment and mental health services. This helpline can guide individuals to state-funded treatment programs and support services. Call 844.307.1760.

Alabama Medicaid Substance Abuse Helpline

For those eligible for Medicaid, the Alabama Medicaid Agency provides a dedicated helpline to assist with accessing addiction treatment services covered by the program. This resource ensures that individuals have access to affordable and comprehensive care. Call 988.

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Drug Addiction in Alabama

Alabama faces significant challenges related to addiction, especially opioid abuse, and has been actively addressing this issue through various initiatives and treatment programs.  

The annual report of the Alabama Opioid Overdose and Addiction Council highlights the severity of the opioid crisis. In the first six months of 2022, there were 4,669 EMS calls related to probable drug overdose victims, underscoring the urgent need for prevention, treatment, and recovery support services. Opioid overdose deaths saw a nearly 2.5-fold increase from 2018 to 2021. 

Alabama has recognized the importance of mental health and substance abuse. According to data from the Alabama Department of Public Health, mental health and substance abuse concerns have become the top health priority in the state. This reflects a growing awareness of the need to address these issues effectively. 

In March 2022, it was reported that nearly 12,000 people in Alabama were seeking treatment for substance use disorders. This reflects a substantial number of people actively seeking help for addiction. Additionally, research suggests that approximately 75% of people with addictions eventually enter recovery, indicating positive outcomes for treatment efforts in the state.

If you need help today, call 855.701.0479.

an image of a building an Alabama, representing an Alabama addiction hotline

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