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Utah Substance Abuse Statistics​
people in Utah are struggling with an addiction.

In 2021, SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) data showed that over 8% of residents in Utah had engaged in the use of illicit drugs in the past month. On a national scale, addiction is a mounting concern. What is even more troubling than the doubling of addiction rates between 2019 and 2021 is that over 75% of individuals in need of treatment for substance use disorder – the clinical term for addiction – successfully access treatment. The lack of knowledge on how to seek help was the reason given by one million U.S. adults as the primary reason for not obtaining the necessary addiction treatment.

To address this significant treatment gap, substance abuse hotlines in Utah serve as a crucial avenue. These hotlines offer unbiased advice and assistance in connecting individuals with treatment providers across the state.

Utah Substance Abuse Statistics
0 People in Utah
are struggling with an addiction.
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Substance Abuse Hotline for Utah

If you or a loved one is struggling with the misuse of alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription medications, reaching out to a substance abuse helpline can mark the beginning of the recovery journey. Left untreated, most addictions tend to worsen, but substance use disorders respond positively to evidence-based treatment. 

Addiction Hotline Utah operates 24/7 and is toll-free. The hotline staff can address inquiries on any aspect of addiction and recovery, aiding in a better assessment of your situation. If you believe that professional assistance is necessary, we can help you find treatment providers near you. Hotline operators can refer you to detox centers, inpatient rehabs, outpatient treatment facilities, and support groups throughout the state of Utah, providing a structured, supportive, and guided start to your recovery.

For immediate assistance with drug abuse or alcoholism in Utah, call 855-701-0479.

Hotlines for
Addiction in: Utah

Many residents of Utah who need help locating appropriate addiction resources and treatment first take advantage of local government offerings. These helplines are backed by state authorities, ensuring access to reliable and regulated assistance.

Addiction Hotline

Our free and confidential hotline is run by recovery specialists who are now in recovery themselves. They understand what it’s like to need help, find the right treatment, and achieve long-term sobriety.  You can call this line now at (855) 701-0479.

211 Utah

211 provides a hotline service to residents of Utah. Connect with a certified specialist by dialing 211 or texting your zip code to 898211. You can also visit the Utah-specific 211 website, which includes a chat option and an app.

Utah Crisis Line

In partnership with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, the University of Utah Health brings you a dedicated crisis line for Utah. Call 800-273-8255 to reach a trained professional who can offer guidance and resources, or check out the website here.

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Drug Addiction and Alcoholism in Utah

In November 2021, a report from CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) revealed that fatal drug overdoses in the United States had surpassed 100,000 in a 12-month period, marking a 29% increase. While Utah experienced a slightly lower increase (20%) than the national average, the state grapples with pervasive issues related to all forms of substance abuse and overdoses.

According to data gathered by SAMHSA, an average of 3% of Utah residents aged 12+ had a substance use disorder involving illicit drugs between 2017 and 2019, mirroring the national average. The study also indicated that, during the same period, an average of 4% had a diagnosable alcohol use disorder, which was lower than the national average of 5%.

 Despite a decrease in the opioid dispensing rate to 48 per 100 people in 2020 (almost halving since 2006), Utah continues to grapple with the devastating impact of the epidemic.

An average of 475 people annually die from accidental drug overdose in Utah, with 323 succumbing to prescription opioid overdoses, 156 to heroin, and 88 to synthetic opioids like fentanyl. Drug overdose is the primary cause of Utah injury deaths, ranking among the top 10 leading causes of all deaths. In 2020, the Utah drug overdose death rate reached 20.5 per 100,000, surpassing fatalities from firearms, falls, and motor vehicle accidents.

 Fortunately, more than twice as many people are now receiving treatment for drug addiction as in 2015 in the state of Utah.

When you are ready to address drug addiction or alcoholism in Utah, dial 855-701-0479 any time of day or night.

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