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Delaware Drug Abuse Statistics
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Delaware residents reported past-month use of illicit drugs in 2020

The latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that rates of drug addiction and alcoholism continue to climb in the United States. SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, reports that almost 15% of residents of  Delaware reported past-month illicit drug use in 2021. 

Among the 49 million U.S. adults with diagnosable addictions in 2022, just 10 million engaged with treatment. For 1 million of these people, not knowing how to access treatment was the reason for failure to participate in inpatient or outpatient rehab. A substance abuse hotline in Delaware is one option for residents grappling with addictions but unsure how to get help. 

Addiction hotlines are not designed to replace evidence-based treatment. Rather, substance abuse hotlines connect those in need of help with treatment providers throughout the state of Delaware.

Delaware Drug Abuse Statistics
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Delaware residents reported past-month use of illicit drugs in 2020
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Drug Abuse Hotline: Delaware

If you or one of your family members requires assistance addressing an addiction to alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription medications, calling a Delaware substance abuse hotline is a valuable first step. 

Delaware Addiction Hotline is available around-the-clock for those who need help with any aspect of substance abuse or addiction treatment. Staff can advise you in confidence and guide you toward appropriate resources. 

Those who are ready and committed to engaging with treatment can obtain referrals and get help right away. We can connect you with addiction specialists, rehab centers, and healthcare specialists throughout the state, enabling you to kickstart your recovery immediately.

Delaware Addiction
Recovery Hotlines

Local government resources in Delaware might be a useful starting point for those who are assessing their relationship with drink or drugs.

Addiction Hotline

Our free and confidential hotline is run by recovery specialists who are now in recovery themselves. They understand what it’s like to need help, find the right treatment, and achieve long-term sobriety.  You can call this line now at (855) 701-0479.

Statewide Support Hotline

If you’re a Delaware resident seeking state-specific assistance and advice regarding alcohol/substance abuse or other mental health concerns, dial 302-255-9487 to connect with a dedicated state representative ready to provide support. This hotline is supported by the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.

State-Supported Crisis Hotlines

Established by the state government, these crisis intervention hotlines are available to Delaware residents seeking confidential and free information/resources on substance abuse and other mental health matters. Residents in Northern Delaware can call 800-652-2929, while those in Southern Delaware can reach out at 800-345-6785. Alternatively, you can access the website just here.

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Drug Addiction in Delaware

Like in all U.S. states, substance abuse is a pressing public health concern in Delaware. SAMHSA data for 2019 to 2020 show that over 100,000 residents of Delaware reported past-month use of illicit drugs. 

Of the 448,000 residents who consumed alcohol in the previous month, 181,000 reported episodes of binge drinking. Binge drinking is one of the most damaging forms of alcohol abuse, associated with an increased risk of alcohol poisoning (alcohol overdose) and a heightened risk of developing alcohol use disorder. 

2020 data from NSDUH indicate that 123,000 residents had a diagnosable substance use disorder in that year. 47,000 residents had addictions involving illicit drugs, 7,000 from the abuse of prescription medications, and 85,000 had alcohol use disorder (alcoholism). 

As in all states, the treatment gap is the most disturbing element of this gloomy scenario. 47,000 needed but did not receive treatment for illicit drug abuse, 80,000 failed to engage with the alcohol addiction treatment they needed, and 115,000 of those with substance use disorders did not manage to get specialist help. 

To avoid becoming one of these statistics of untreated addiction in Delaware, call 855.701.0479 toll-free at any time.

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