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North Carolina Drug Abuse Statistics
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North Carolinians died of drug overdoses from 2000 to 2020

In 2021, one out of every eight Washington residents disclosed engaging in illicit drug use within the past month, as reported by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). This is in line with a national trend where addiction rates have more than doubled from 2019 to 2021. Alarmingly, over 75% of individuals requiring treatment for substance use disorder, clinically known as addiction, fail to access the necessary care. A staggering one million U.S. adults said that a lack of knowledge on how to seek help was the primary reason for not receiving the required addiction treatment.

To address this significant treatment gap, substance abuse hotlines in Washington play a crucial role. These hotlines offer impartial guidance and facilitate connections with treatment providers across the state, aiming to bridge the accessibility divide for those in need.


Washington Drug Abuse Statistics
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of individuals requiring treatment for substance use disorder, fail to access the necessary care.
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Substance Abuse Hotline for Washington

Should you or a loved one be grappling with alcohol abuse, illicit drug use, or prescription medication concerns, reaching out to a substance abuse helpline can serve as the starting point for the journey to recovery. Recognizing that untreated addictions often escalate, substance use disorders nevertheless exhibit positive responses to scientifically supported treatments.

Addiction Hotline Washington operates 24/7 and is toll-free. Knowledgeable hotline staff can address inquiries on various aspects of addiction and recovery, helping you gain a better understanding of your situation. If you believe professional assistance is necessary – often the most effective approach to addiction recovery – we can assist you in connecting with treatment providers in your vicinity. Hotline operators are equipped to guide you to detox centers, inpatient rehabs, outpatient treatment facilities, and support groups across Washington, providing you with the structure, support, and guidance needed to kickstart your recovery journey.

For immediate assistance with drug abuse or alcoholism in Washington, call 855-701-0479.

Seattle Addiction Hotline

Whether you are searching for an addiction hotline in Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, or Spokane, our team can help you find the substance abuse treatment resources you need to fight back against addiction.

There are treatment centers throughout the country, including in these cities that can provide people with all the tools and knowledge they need to overcome their addiction problem and commit to long-term sobriety.

Call our team today and take the first step toward sobriety.

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Hotlines for
Addiction in: Washington

Local government resources in Washington may help you to start addressing problematic patterns of substance use.

Washington Recovery Assistance Line

In partnership with the Washington State Health Care Authority and various collaborators, this 24/7 helpline is provided free of charge and ensures confidentiality. Feel free to call 866-789-1511 at any time or text 1-866-789-1511 from Monday through Friday, 9am to 9pm. For more information and additional resources, explore the website.

211 Washington

In collaboration with the state, 211 is available for all residents. Simply dial 211 or text your zip code to 898211 to connect with a specialist who can offer assistance and resources related to mental health and substance abuse. Explore the Washington-specific 211 website for more information.

Crisis Solutions

Also supported by DHHS, this coalition aims to discover and apply the most effective strategies for crisis care, minimizing unnecessary visits to emergency departments and interactions with the criminal justice system, as stated on the DHHS webpage dedicated to the coalition. Contact 984-236-5300 or visit the Crisis Solutions website right here.

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Drug Addiction and Alcoholism in Washington

Even prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the District of Columbia faced significant challenges with alcohol and drug use disorders, according to SAMHSA data:

  • One in 10 District residents grappled with an alcohol use disorder, surpassing both regional and national averages.
  • One in 8 District residents struggled with a substance use disorder, nearly double the regional and national averages.
  • Opioid overdoses in DC have almost doubled in the state since 2018, resulting in 411 fatalities in 2020.
  • In 2020, fentanyl was implicated in 94% of overdoses involving opioids. Fentanyl is present in most of the heroin found in Washington.

Beyond this, among individuals aged 12 or older in the District of Columbia, the annual average percentage of illicit drug use disorder in the past year has been steadily rising since 2017. There have been no significant changes in the number of Washington residents diagnosed with alcohol use disorder.

68% of those who engage with addiction treatment in Washington receive treatment for substance use disorder related to drugs.

Call 855-701-0479 for help with all aspects of drug abuse or alcoholism in Washington.

An image of the nature in Washington state, depicting the topic of the Washington addiction hotline

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